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Corner Bi-Fold Doors

uPVC bi-folding doors are quickly becoming a popular choice for homeowners looking to improve the look and functionality of their homes. These doors offer a versatile and stylish option that can be used in various applications, from creating an open-plan living area to simply updating your front door.

uPVC bi-folding doors are made of robust and durable uPVC, which means they are easy to maintain and keep looking good for years. The doors can be designed to perfectly fit your home, with various styles and colours available to choose from. uPVC bi-folding doors offer a great way to make the most of natural light and create an inviting space for you and your family.

uPVC bi-fold doors are available in various styles and colours, so it is easy to find the perfect option for your home. They are also affordable, making them a popular choice for many homeowners. uPVC bi-fold doors are a great way to improve the look and functionality of your home, and they are sure to provide you with many years of enjoyment.

All the uPVC bi-folding doors we offer can be developed in several different styles and designs, so you will be able to select the perfect door type for your home. Whether you want a standard pre-made setup or a custom design, we can take care of all your needs and ensure they are installed to the exact standard required.

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This is a photo of Aluminium bi folding doors. These were installed by Bi folding doors Bradford

Bi-Fold UPVC Patio Doors

If you are considering bi-folding uPVC patio doors, you are probably looking for the ultimate convenience, style, and value. Bradford Bi-folding doors offer all of these benefits while still ensuring that your home remains safe, secure and warm throughout the year.

Bi-Fold Doors are usually made from high-quality materials, including special multi-chamber sealed units with toughened or laminated glass, which help to minimise heat loss while also protecting your home from the elements. They are incredibly sophisticated in design, which significantly enhances their security, and energy efficiency while ensuring that they meet the demands of modern living perfectly. uPVC Bi-folding patio doors are usually made from robust and low maintenance materials such as which means they will maintain their good looks for years to come.

Bi-Fold Doors are a popular choice amongst customers, offering a stylish appearance and impressive functionality unlike any other type of door. They can be operated manually or with built-in electric motors, which offer convenience and means they can be used almost anywhere. 

Bi-folding patio doors are popular with customers who want to enjoy the additional benefits for their homes and are designed as stylish and functional doors. They allow the maximum amount of light into the property and can help to maximise your home’s natural beauty and add a completely different dimension to the style and class. Bi-Folding Patio doors are available in a range of sizes and styles to allow you to create an environment that is perfect for you and your home.


How good are uPVC Bi-Folding doors?

uPVC bi-folding doors are an excellent choice for any homeowner. They are incredibly secure, hardwearing. They come in various styles that incorporate security features such as multi-point locking systems and toughened glass, making them great for the family home.

uPVC is an excellent substance because it is very similar to wood but more durable and easier to maintain. The colour also doesn’t fade over time like paint or wood, which means the uPVC will keep its natural look for longer.

The strength of uPVC makes it perfect for use as bi-folding doors because the panels are safe and very strong. The panes can be made of toughened glass which is brilliant if you have pets or children who aren’t careful around windows and doors.

Having a uPVC bi-folding door installed not only looks great, but they will also suit most buildings. So whether you’re looking to install them into the home or as an entranceway for a commercial building, all-in-all, uPVC bi-folding doors are a fantastic option. We also offer bespoke made to measure bi-folding doors if you want something a little more unique.


Slimline uPVC Bi-Folding Doors

uPVC bi-folding slimline doors are an excellent addition to any home. Slimline doors are exactly as they sound, Slim! They help open up your home without taking too much space and boast an incredibly slim line appearance which means you don’t have to sacrifice the beautiful look of your home for light and air. 

Slimline doors are also lightweight and easy to use, they can be used in all applications, including Kitchens, Living Rooms, Bedrooms and Conservatories. Slimline Bi-folding doors give you an attractive window alternative; and are perfect for patios and home extensions. They are thermally efficient which means minimal heat loss in winter, helping to keep your house at a comfortable temperature. Slimline Bi-folding doors also help keep your home cool in the warmer weather and are often used in bedrooms and living rooms as they add another dimension to any room. Whilst minimising the space required.


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